Hey guys when i want to install xp on my system where windows 7 is preinstalled in that case it disables the setup of windows xp , can you please help me out.
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  1. Do you want to do a dual boot? 2 OS's ?
    Or do you want to install xp over 7?

    What do you mean by Win7 disables the xp setup? more details...any error messages or cd not loading?

    Change boot order in bios, load the xp cd, and install to another partition then the Win 7.
  2. Hi Me1 , Actually I want toinstall windows xp only. But when the xp cd loads in , install windows options becomes disablled. that was my query, how can I make it enable so that I can instal xp. Thanks for your quick reply.
  3. Boot the computer with the XP disk. Eventually, when offered if you want to format the drive, choose yes and make it a Quick format NTFS. After that Setup starts installing XP and Win 7 is now long gone.

    If that doesn't work, I'll supply the "Nuclear Option."

  4. I booted the system with xp disk but on the xp disk , blue screen , the install option is not shown enablled then how can I format the the drive.
  5. So, it wants to play hardball eh.... :fou:

    Download an ISO image file I have at Burn the image back to CD with a burner program that can handle an ISO image file. Boot with THAT disk and click the second button down. Follow instructions and set your partitions up as you like, format and life is good again.

    You will see a checkbox to do "Custom Partitions"... check it or it will divide your drive up as it sees fit (not a good idea).

    Choose to format in NTFS to save time/problems later. If you goof, run it again as it doesn't care how many times it sets up your drive.

    The file is named "HITACHI" and is downloaded from

    If you need a burner program to make a CD from the ISO image, get one free HERE
  6. Thanks guys for your replies, I was finally able to install xp on preinstalled win 7 , by changing the bios settings . Thanks for your reply.
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