Will the CM Hyper 212+ fit in a Thermaltake Armor+ MX case?

I've been wanting to OC my Intel Core i5 750 so I'm looking to buy a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ cooler for it. My question, will it fit in my case? Has anyone else tried it in my case?


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    Yes it will fit without removing the side fan.
    Your case is 9.44" wide.
    The 212+ is 6.24" tall so there's plenty of room.
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  3. Thanks a lot man.
  4. It's a great cooler, I just got mine earlier this month.

    My HAF 912 is 9.1" wide, and my 212+ has about 1/2 an inch of room IF it was behind my lone side fan, fortunately the fan sites below the 212+.

    Anyway, Davcon is correct, with 9.44" of room and your side fan is only 20mm thick(vs 25mm for mine) you should have plenty of room.
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