Cant run @ 1066

i can run @ 800 fine but when I switch to 1066 in bios it bsod on me.i have updated the bios but am only running Service pack 2 on Xp. That couldnt be the problem. Right? This is my first build. here are my specs.

AMD 9650, Zotac GF8200-A-E, Kingston Hyperx 2048mb 8500 1066, ULTRA lsp750. If anything else is needed please let me know.
regards, Rob

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  1. Noticed your running in single channel, not dual channel mode so you have just one memory module?. Did you set voltage to Kingston specifications listed on the chip or chips before attempting 533/1066?.
  2. First go to Bios and select "Load Optimized Defaults" then reboot and check again
  3. I have tried both suggestions and neither worked. When I set optimized defaults it just stay's @ 800. I went to Kingstons site and it say it should be @ 2.2v so i set that and it will not boot up. I had to reset cmos to get windows to start. On the actual stick it said 2.3v but I dont have that option in bios. The only tome windows wont start is when I set mem in bios to manual 1066. if I set it to maxmemchck it defaults to 800.
    Thanks again for anyhelp with this matter. Zotac has been no help.
    Regards, Rob
  4. The reason it wont work at 1066Mhz has nothing to do with your mobo. I had the same issue as well and, well my modules only work at 800Mhz. The problem is with the AMD memory controller, once you raise the volts to 2.2v you start to get BSOD's and strange lockups. If I were you I would leave it at 800Mhz and raise the FSB, this way you are overclocking both the CPU and memory and in the end you end-up with more or less the same speed you would have had if they ram was running at 1066Mhz. 1066Mhz is really 800Mhz designed to run at higher speeds with a voltage increase. My G.Skills 800Mhz at 4-4-4-12 are faster than my OCZ's 1066Mhz at 5-5-5-15 ... Just FYI =)
  5. Do you have any suggestion on what to change my FSB to considering my CPU and memory. Do you have any tutorials on how to go about this. Thanx.
  6. Well its easy, just go into your bios and look for your FSB value, it should be at 200 by default. Raise it in increments of 5 till you crash and then you can go and decrease till you find your "sweet spot". For example my FSB tops out at 243, if I try to go higher it crashes so I leave it at 140 and im good.

    Are you using the stock CPU heatsink or an aftermarket?
  7. Stock heatsink. I do have 2 -230mm fans, 3 -120mm fans. But the onboard GPU is running crazy hot. It will burn my hand if i touch it. I just checked, its running @ 68c wtf. why is it running at 150deg
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