Monitor SMART status of individual drives?

This is on the motherboard Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 which has 3 SATA controllers: Intel, Marvell, Gigabyte.

I have a question about the Gigabyte SATA controller.

I have 2 drives in RAID 1 attached to the Gigabyte SATA controller. The OS is Windows 7 Pro.

How do I monitor the health of the drives, look at SMART error counts etc?

The Gigabyte Raid Configurer (v 1.17.59) in Windows lists the drives but has no place to show SMART errors. Other Windows utilities (like HDTune) see the volume as 1 disk and cannot read SMART from individual drives that are being controlled by the RAID bios before Windows loads up.

How do I look at the health of my RAIDed drives?

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  1. you could try lavalys everest. they recently had a name change but the website should be the same.
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