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I recently purchased a new laptop to which I had to send away for a free copy of windows 7 upgrad. fell for starters I say free if you exclude the £15 shipping costs. After receiving it and nearly 6 hours later no matter what we tried it just wouldn't install. It first up tell you that the wireless card is not compatable so you must start by removing that. then you inseert disks to install windows 7. It runs through all the usual things them shuts down and when it restarts it tells you your upgrade was unsuccessful and is returning to origional vista settings. Only you now have no wireless card a you removed that at the start. Technical support are a waste of time thats if you ever actually managee to get through to them. As anyone esperienced any similar problems we have had to do a complete restore to return to origional setting so we are now left with windows 7 which we cant actually get to work. Any one got any ideas?
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  1. Try skipping the wireless card part while upgrading from Vista to Win7, else perform an in place upgrade. Refer the checklist for upgradation:
  2. Trash your Vista and format the drive. Do a clean install. Also there are several wireless cards not supported by windows 7, search yours and see if anyone else is having problems. Mine didn't work so I had to buy a new one. Sucks but thats life sometimes. Good luck
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