How to get iBusrst USB to work on Win 7 x64

I just installed Windows 7 x 64 bit, and found no drivers for my Windows 7 x64 are available for iburst Usb modem.

Tried running several drivers, in compatibility mode.

Thought Vista 64 would work, but even in compatibility mode, it insists on Vista only.
any way to put the OS check off?
any Beta drivers?
any helpful ideas?
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  1. Am I the only person with Win7x64 and iBurst??
  2. Hi there

    Did you manage to get a solution? I am now experiencing a similar problem. I've installed Win 7 Pro - 64 Bit on Tuesday the 12th...
  3. No, I heard that some guys have an application, where the open the code to vista 64bit drivers and set the "verify OS" to "no" and it works fine, however the tread has been closed on "" and the link to the software has been removed :(
  4. Alas, no use full info.
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