Ghosted image of files when downloaded/saved? Temp files?

Hey guys,

odd place for this question but I know that there are a lot of knowledgeable people in this section. I noticed recently that when I download or save some files from firefox that they will appear as duplicates with a '~$' in front of the file name in various places. For instance, I just downloaded a word document called 'Final Exam Allocation' and saved it to my desktop. On my desktop there are two files called 'Final Exam Allocation' and one called '~$nal Exam Allocation'. The latter is greyed out. I assume it's a temporary file since it goes away after I close word. I am also noticing that I can see a lot of files that should be hidden when navigating my HDD.

I think this occured when I changed some files to not be hidden so that I could find and uninstall a plugin that was hiding from me. Is there a way to rever the windows file structure back to its default hidden settings for temporary and system files w/o a fresh install? I appreciate any help you can give me.
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    In Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) for Win XP (not sure for Vista):

    1. Click 'Tools' at that top menu, select 'Folder Options'
    2. Click 'View' tab
    3. Choose 'Do not show hidden files and folders'
    4. Click 'OK'

    That's it.
  2. Open Explorer. Click Tools, Folder Options, View and then select "Do not show hidden files and folders" (or click the Restore Defaults button).
  3. haha I figured it out just as I got these replies...thanks guys!
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