WD Passport isn't recognized with USB 3.0 card

Hi everyone,

I'm building a computer for a family member, it has a Gigabyte motherboard with built in USB 3.0. My family member and I both also have a WD my passport essential, USB 3.0 edition. Mine is 1TB and theirs is 500GB.

I have an evga x58 classified, it doesn't have native USB 3.0 support, so i went to fry's and purchased a USB 3.0 PCI-E card. It's installed in the PCE-E 1x slot.

The weird thing is this: Their computer with native USB 3.0 support will recognize both passports just fine. My computer with the add-in card however will only recognize the 500GB passport. When i plug mine in, the drive will spin up, BUT the power light won't come on, nor can it be seen in my computer.

My passport works fine on USB 2.0 on the classified, and the passport works fine on the gigabyte motherboards USB 3.0, but wont work on my add-in card. But the 500GB passport works fine on my Add-in card.

Any ideas? I've tried updating the drivers for the vantec USB 3.0 card, but it didn't help. I would think it would be a bad add-in card except that the 500GB passport works fine on it. And i thought it was my passport but it works fine on the other computer.
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  1. Dumb question: Do both drives work on both machines through good-old built-in USB 2.0 ports?
  2. Does the USB 3.0 PCIe card have a separate power feed to the card, and if so is it connected?
  3. both drives work through USB 2.0

    the USB 3.0 card does have a separate power feed. It's connected by a single SATA power line.
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