Factory overclocked GPUs - worth the premium?

Hi all,

I'm kind of new to OC'ing.. In fact, I'm completely new to it!

I'm building a new gaming PC and have decided on the HIS HD4890 GPU. Question: is it really worth paying the difference in price between the stock version and the Turbo version (the only difference being the clock speed) considering I can simply overclock the card myself? I believe ATI include a utility specifically for overclocking...??? (confirm please?)

I asume the idea is one can have an overclocked card and retain their warranty? That said, I've been reading lately that the manufacturers can't actually tell if a card has been overclocked anyway so the warranty usually holds in cases where (user) OC cards are fried.

Any advice?

I'm looking at:

HIS 4890 850/4000 for $335 AUD


HIS 4890 900/4000 for $362 AUD

Cheers :D


P.S. I should point out - I plan to overclock even more than 900MHz with the 4890 since all benchmarks/ reviews state it handles speeds of up to 1000MHz + and this is part of why I'm going with the 4890.
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  1. Nah not really The ATI drivers should have the ATI overdrive overclocking but if not there is always rivatuner which might even be better.
  2. I wouldn't pay the extra, not for such a small overclock. If it were a similar difference for a 1Ghz overclock or something, sure. Though, make sure the coolers are the same on both, often times factory OC cards have better coolers, and that is worth paying a difference for.
  3. +1 Dekasav also:
    Yes, the ATI software includes Overdrive in the control centre which allows for overclocking. Rivatuner is more powerful but I would suggest you try with Overdrive first.
    Google plenty of research before you begin.
    And no two cards overclock the same, you may be lucky and get one which overclocks well, or not, it is entirely down to luck.
  4. Not worth paying for a factory OC'ed card unless you get something other than a standard cooler.
  5. +1 for Dekasav also, in CC you can overclock, but I'm not sure if you can change the fan speeds.
  6. Cool. I got +1's....
  7. Cool thanks to you all.

    I'll save some pennies and get the stock version since I'm sure the coolers are exactly the same.
  8. Quote:

    +1 for Dekasav also, in CC you can overclock, but I'm not sure if you can change the fan speeds.

    you actually can.
  9. Sweet maybe my HD3650's fan control is crippled!! :lol:
  10. "bleeding edge" hardware does very seldom be very usefull as an economical aspect, but some new cooling solutions can actually reduce the heat and noice, so they can be guite usefull in that sence.
  11. Just wanted to add a small note here, i just sold my 280 for 250$ and looking into getting a 4890 insded and then when i have more money ill get a nother one! is that a good idea ?

    btw i can only crossfire not SLI !
  12. ohh and btw use unless there is a better cooler on the OC'ed one dont get it i read that this card (4890) runs really hot !
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