OC'ing my phenom II X4 970 BE

guys my specs are:-

XFX ati/amd radeon HD 5830 1gb Graphics

ASUS republic of gamers Crosshair IV formula motherboard

AMD phenom II X4 970 Black edition 3.5Ghz processor

Corsair xms3 ddr3 4GB kit (2x2GB) @ 1333Mhz RAM

A Dell E176FP Monitor Max resolution of 1280X1024

Running Windows 7 ultimate 64-Bit with latest graphics drivers

this Mobo has an automatic OC button, when pressed it automaticly OC my processor from 3.5Ghz to 3.79Ghz but it aslo automaticly downclocks my RAM, i think this simply defeats the purpose of OC'ing in the first place (i even get less score on 3DMark 11) , so to overcome the dilema, i noted down the bus speed and core voltages from CPU-Z, then turned off the automatic OC. then i manually applied the voltages and bus speeds.

the result was 3.79Ghz processing and RAM frequency increase to around 1440Mhz (also got a higher score on 3DMark 11)
i think its stable since my system doesnt crash or hang (even played crysis 2 BETA on hardcore and 1280x1024 for a few minutes with no problem)


one problem is its temperature as im running on stock cooling

as soon as i started up prime95 it didnt take even a minute to reach 70C+ (the processor)

in 3DMark 11 i noticed the temp of the processor at 60c

in crysis 2 and Metro 2033 ( games which i feel go heavy on processors as much as graphics) the CPU temps rose to about 55C.

on idle my processor goes at 43/42C
on idle my graphics goes at 40/39C

My Question is, Do i need to be concerned about my CPU tmeps? , what are the operating limits of this CPU? could i overclock a better way?
is it a MUST that i get after-market cooling? or should i just remove the overclock and go back to stock settings?
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  1. If your system run prime95 have 70c it too hot for cpu , cpu have limit safely below 60c, if you overclock auto or manual use stock cooling your hardware faster decrease. For better go back default it safely for lifetime. If you want oc again just get good cooler
  2. Ok heres the situation,

    i went into the bios and increase the bus speed a little higher so as to get 3.8Ghz at same voltage and did so with no problems

    i also decided to overclock my radeon card to 900Mhz core clock, and 1300Mhz memory clock

    so far all seemed stable, expect for prime95 for my cpu

    tested GTA IV, Battlefield bad co. 2, Metro 2033 (highest settings)

    the temperatures were pretty much the similar in all the games, on load

    my cpu never got higher than 59C/58C

    my graphics card mostly maxed at 70C-77C

    to aid my cpu's situation, im getting the Xigmatek Gaia sd1283 for cooling it

    as for my graphics card, i'll leave it the way it is since i think its still within operating temperatures but plan to return to stock settings once i
    crossfire it with a 5850.

    what do you guys think about my temperatures, im sure the xigmatek cooler will be able to sustain my overclocked cpu at 3.83Ghz
  3. alot of it has to do with the angle of the fan on your cooler and the direction of the airflow through your case sometimes.. i draw air in from underneath and out through the top and the rest comes out the front. also, i thought id let u kno that i have the same exact processor as you,.. its a pretty nice one in my opinion.. but ive been running it at just under 4 GHz for about a month now and no real issues came from it unless i play doom 3 (go fig) and im getting temp readings that say remote 1, 2 and3 ... temp 1 2 and 3 and i dont know which one is the cpu. what are you using to get a good cpu temp reading?

    as far as my overclock i have the multiplier at 19.0 and the bus speed at 208. im pretty sure i kept the ht link multiplier somewhre around 2000 by reducing it and my ram is coming out at something like 1380mhz... and let me know if this link works and helps any. its my specs

  4. Well thanx for the reply,

    as i said, as of current evrythin in my system is on stock cooling, you should be able to see my system specs,

    i already posted as to how i overclocked my cpu on my motherboard the first time but this time im going to give more info of the OC

    first of all i the only thing i touched in my bios was the cpu bus speed and core voltage, nothing else.(first overclock)

    my 1st overclock , i set the bus speed 218, i did not change the multiplier (left it @ 17.5) and upped the voltage to 1.45, THATS it i did not change anything else, the RAM clocks went up automaticly (i dont know if its this motherboard in particular or all mother board that do this) so it went to 3.8Ghz and RAMS to aroun 1440Mhz.

    my 2nd overclock, i did try to overclock in a different way (the way im sure alot more people do) by only changing the multiplier until it went to a verylittle over
    4Ghz, this time the RAM clocks did not go up , core voltage was set to auto. i did not change anything else.

    When i compared my 3Dmark 11 scores if saw that my scores were higher on my first overclock so i went back to my first overclock (plus i didnt feel comfortable running 4Ghz on stock cooling)

    well im going to get the Xigmatec Gaia sd1283 cooler,(best recommended cpu cooler under 50$ on tomshardware, check the review, newegg now has it at 35$) it should help. i use the argus monitor software to mointor the temps.

    I hope this helps you, also if you got any more info for me let me know.
  5. Crossfire is made for twice the same card, you cannot crossfire a 5830 and a 5850.
    And with your resolution, you don't even need an other card.

    To be honest 77 degrees is hot.
    Crank the fan speed up a little.
  6. ok so i tried that argus monitor and im shocked at what i found.. when i play an hd game my temp slowly climbs up to just under 80 degrees. but it hasnt given me any freezes or crashes during crysys(except the end) and none during red faction guerilla with the res at 1920x1080, my point is .. i can play for hours and not crash... so why is 78 degrees considered so harsh? btw my cooler is pretty much a stack of fins with a fan on the back of it, its called the OCZ Vendetta, its not stock but i have to say with these results im not exactly getting my 50 bucks out of it. lol
    AMD is made that way.
    Stick to 3.5 ghz anyways you won't see a difference.
    And the radeon just crank the fan speed.
  8. hello again... okay so i remember the man with the phenom said he had an oc dial.. well me too .. the motherboard i am running is the MSI 790fx gd70. if you have a similar board then i have made a wonderful discovery xD lol okay... so i went into my bios.. (hit delete over & over right after pushing the power button) then into the cell menu.. and changed the following options: Unlock cpu core > enabled,,,,Advanced clock calibration > enabled and then LIKE MAGIC i could play doom3 at 63 degrees.
    i think this may solve the issue... it did for me and my thanks to you :D
  9. This message is intended for abswindows7 ,

    You are an A$$hole

    how can you tell me that a radeon 5830 cant be crossfired with a 5850 while their in THE SAME GPU FAMILY.
    that the whole point of crossfiring two cards. This is not Nvidia.they are all in the 5800 series.

    I am going to take a sapphire toxic 1gb 5850 and crossfire it with my 5830 and it will work!!

    please i need people like abswindows7 to have a healthy arguement.

    any feedback for me, dont be shy to let me know.
  10. this message is intended for abswindows7 ,

    the radeon 5830 can be crossfired with a 5850 because they are in the same family.it will not be as good as 2 5850's but they can crossfire.

    as of now im getting a sapphire toxic radeon 5850 of 1gb.

    please tell me why the cant be crossfired.
  11. this message is intended for abswindows7 ,

    the radeon 5830 can be crossfired with a 5850 because they are in the same family.it will not be as good as 2 5850's but they can crossfire.

    as of now im getting a sapphire toxic radeon 5850 of 1gb.

    please tell me why the cant be crossfired.
  12. do you guys think the xigmatek gaia sd1283 cooler will do the job of keeping my cpu under 60C when oc'd to 3.8Ghz on load?
  13. Yes I am an asshole, at least I'm not poor.
    just FYI, the 5850 will run @ 5830 core speed, I'd rather get rid of that 5830 and buy a better card with the money.
    Crossfire is an option but it's rarely the best solution.
  14. for nameon ... i have a already crossfired machine..its two radeon 4890 cyclone's 1gb. they said to me that any gpu within the same series may be crossfired but the only thing is that the load balancing process that happens will automatically put a certain percentage more load on the better card.. i love it how it is.. the thing i noticed is that during crysis you get 4 lines in the screen without v sync on, so the vsync can be tricky so yeah i would certainly reccomend saving up for a 2gb card all at once but this crossfire method aint all bad. and if u missed what i said, nameon you should really try unlocking your cpu core and turning on advanced clock calibration. you may be able to run your games at a lower temperature already on stock cooling cause after i did that i was able to run mine at 3952.2 MHz, at 70 degrees under load. but im starting to think that a phenom x4 907 BE isnt going to run a game at just 60 degrees. it seems far fetched. you shold shoot for 65 at the least.
  15. +1 on going for single gpu.
    I never let my cpu go over 50 degrees.
  16. you have an intel though..
  17. heat and dust will kill your computer.
    AMd or intel, heat has always been and will always be a problem.
    70º is high no matter what cpu it is.
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  19. for nevets907

    well you and i dont have the same motherboard and so i dont have the option of turning on advanced core calibration, maybe my mobo has used another term for it, and by unlocking my cpu core do you mean unclocking the cpu multiplier or the number of cores, because i tried unlocking any potential disabled cores in my cpu but no dice , it only has 4 cores.and i also said that unlocking my multiplier did not up my ram frequencies so both ideas are duds for me.

    currently i have downclocked my cpu to stock 3.5Ghz but will up it once i get my xigmatek gaia,

    also i noticed that on tomshardware the load tmeps of 1gb hd 5830 were at 78C while my card tops at 75C and there im using stock cooling, i have overclocked
    to 1300Mhz memory clock and 900Mhz core clock, and i live in east africa (hot)
  20. guys i need help fast,

    the choice is one of three cards,

    a powercolor radeon hd 5870 1gb PCS+

    a sapphire radeon hd 5870 1bg vapor-x

    or a gigabyte gv-r587OC-1gd radeon hd 5870 i gb.

    now my pc chassis has exactly 11.5 inches for the graphics cards,

    the powercolor and sapphire cards are shorter than reference 5870 but thier power connectors are
    on the back end of the card not on top

    the gigabyte card has power connectors on top but im feeling weary about its quality

    the sapphire and powercolor cards measure 10.5 inches leaving me with on 1 inch for the power connector on the back end.

    should i go for the gigabyte card or shoot for the sapphire/powercolor card?
  21. i was told once that sapphire is the closest thing to an actual radeon.. and radeon is the only real good brand name card out there, besides nvidia. id go with sapphire
  22. powercolor could be better tho... idunno much about it. lol but anyway ... to the guy that was telling me 70 degrees is way too hot... you was right.. i needed another fan on my heat sink... i just made a home-made push pull config and dropped my temp below 60 during full loads now. OMFG. why didnt somebody think of this already for this model of cooler? i took the stock phenom fan off its heat sink and put it on the top for the "pull" fan and i heard the rpms on it triple then saw my temp fall. wow.
  23. DUDE. omfg ok nameon... heres the link to the card I WISH I BOUGHT!! ok its only 350 bucks... GET IT!!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/PowerColor-ATI-Radeon-HD-5870-2GB-Eyefinity-6-Edition-/280635756351?pt=PCC_Video_TV_Cards&hash=item415731cf3f
  24. dude, its ebay meaning 2nd hand items, besides im in africa and im getting stuff from the uk,
    and i already chose the gigabyte one because i cant risk my card being too long and not being able to plug in the power connectors (the other models have connectors on the back requiring more space, but the gigabyte one has connectors on top of the card).
  25. cool, yeah i just wanted that one for the mini-display ports cause it lets u synchronize 3 screens (or more) but yeah and one last thing.. made sure your cpu voltage is at or under 1.5 ... that could make a big difference when you live in a hot climate
  26. guys, im looking for a power supply and found an 850watt PSU from BFG, its most likely sli supported,

    my question is will it run my full AMD system including crossfireX,

    or is it designed to run better with only nvidia components/SLI.?
  27. I like Gigabyte. XFX is pretty good too b/c of the warranty. Asus is good and Sapphire is good as well. You really can't go wrong with whoever you go with.
  28. guys do you think a BFG 800w psu that has 2 6-pin pci-e power connectors but has a limited edition label/sticker showing 4 6-pin pco-e connectors

    will be enough to run

    2 radeon hd 5870's

    2 dvd writers

    2 1tb desktop HDD's

    1 30gb ssd

    2 120mm fans

    2 80mm fans
  29. the box shows 2 6-pin pci-e conntectors but label/sticker on box shows limted edition 4 6-pin pci-e connectors
  30. never mind, my current gigabyte idon 800w psu should be fine, it was my brother's but after its main capacator blew i took it replaced its capacator with another
    one with same volts but little less mf, its workin fine now, but im still going for a corsair hx850 850w psu.
  31. corsair hx850 850w psu. very very enough for vgaHD 5870..
  32. Well guys,

    I got the xigmatek Gaia sd1283

    set it up,

    my Phenom II X4 970 BE @ 3.51Ghz used to idle at 45C

    now i've Overclocked to 3.81Ghz and it idles at 37C-41C and set core voltage to 1.45v (1.449v)

    so i run prime 95 (64 bit one) and CPU temps rise to and stabilize @ 66C while it used to go above 70C+ in less than a minute. (so the cooler IS doing somthing)

    on windows 7 64 bit

    so question is are these reasonable temps for this OC for my CPU on this cooler? Should i be worried?
  33. abswindows7 said:
    heat and dust will kill your computer.
    AMd or intel, heat has always been and will always be a problem.
    70º is high no matter what cpu it is.

    70 is too hot for phenom II, but a lot of newer intel chips are ok running at 70 degrees under load.

    as for 66 degees under prime95, yeah, I'd say it is too hot for you to run at 1.45v. You could make the argument that it will never get that hot in a real world situation, but I think that's a bunch on bologna. My prime95 temps are within a few degrees of my gaming temps. The gpu is creating a lot of heat in a gaming scenario too. I found out today that portal 2 makes my cpu run at 41 degrees, and 50 runs of intelburntest puts me at 44! Portal 2 is not even that intensive...

    I know the gaia is no slouch either, it runs a little better (or so they say) than a hyper 212+, which is a favorite by people far and wide.

    You are measuring core temps, right?
  34. and when on crysis 2 temps hit 60C ,so what do you suggest i do
  35. 60 is just fine I bet.
    When I game @ 4ghz I get to max 45 degrees ^^
    60 is my prime95 max temp.
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