Ssd questions

looking at using this as a os drive in my pc

what do you guys think?

ill have 2 74gb raptors in raid o for everyhting else, and larger drive for storage
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  1. A. 16GB is way too small. Don't bother with anything under 60-64GB.
    B. Kingston drives are cheap for a reason; their performance isn't as good as other SSDs.,2783.html

    Edit: I'm assuming Windows 7. Some version of Linux may fit within only 16GB, but if you lose TRIM support, the drive will begin stuttering sooner or later unless you run garbage collection utilities on it.
  2. why can you not install windows on a ssd that is smaller than 64gb? what about the ocz vertec 32gb. The os is the only thing that will be installed on that drive, everything else, games, office, photoshop will be installed on my raptors in raid0, and i have another drive for storage

    i may be missing th point so please explain further

  3. You might cram Windows 7 into 32GB; I'd suggest loading programs there too though. It will partly depend on how much tweaking and cramming you want to do. For example, if you use Steam, it installs to C:, and I've not yet found an obvious way to make it use another drive.
  4. Plus you need to leave a little room spare on the drive to replace worn cells (or something like that)
  5. i see, i thought steam could be installed on any drive.

    i have been looking at the ocz 64gb agility and vertex 2 drives instead now.
  6. Those are decent drives. The 80GB Intel drive is nice too, and one of the less expensive models.
  7. The OCZ vertex 2 "E" is best rated and there is a 90 G version. Read the reviews on these SSDs. New Egg and Amazon offer good deals periodically. Note that better, faster SSD drives are coming out soon and Sata III ssds will be the future. You may want to buy a cheap drive for now like a 60 G or 90 G drive while you wait for the new SSD improvements.
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