6% CPU Usage and slow

OK, my old PC bogs down for no apparent reason. CPU usage is about 6 percent but web access and display is slow. I suspect buying a Quad processor is not gonna help much. Why doesn't Windows monitor the bottlenecks? I expect I need a single processor system with either a DDR3 memory or a 10,000 RPM disk. How can I determine the cause? Does either solution make sense?
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  1. What are your system specs (in order to troubleshoot)?

    When you say "display is slow" what in particular do you mean?

    Is the main problem internet related? What ISP are you using? What is you download/upload speeds?

    Honestly, if you're just surfing the web DDR3 and a 10,000 RPM disk is overkill. However, without knowing more about your problem or system it's kind of hard to tell what is causing the issue.

    Also, define "slow"....
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