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I've begun overclocking an wanted to ask a basic question. I've overclocked from 3GHz to 3.42 just by changing the FSB frequency. Under 100% load (Prime95 on Blend for 15 mins) Real Temp gives me 55 degrees at the highest. Temp in BIOS is usually about 10-15 degrees cooler. I've left all voltages on auto - is that a problem provided the temperatures remain within an acceptable range? Is it only once it starts getting too hot that I need to fiddle with the voltages?
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  1. Typically the E8400 hits 3.6 without voltage tweak so you will be fine with no voltage tweak on the 3.42 clock you have set.
  2. Actually quite the oposite of what you are thinking is true. Allot of auto voltage settings make the voltage to high or more than needed so it will get hotter than it needs to be for your settings. You raise the voltage to get higher clocks not mess with it b/c it is to hot. No those temps are fine and remember that everyday computeing will never get you anywhere near burn in temps so you are way fine. By the way I had that proc a while back and it did 3.8 for several years at 1.4 volts. Did peak at 60c but never was an issue.

    Thently :hello:
  3. My old ( still running) E8400 did 4.050ghz ( 450FSB 24 hours a day for almost 3 years now) at 1.31v. Idled at 27-29C and rarely broke 60C under load with a Zerotherm Nirvana NV120 cooler. You may not have such a good overclocker but it should be close if you have the cooling.
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