Accidentally bought triple channel kit for Core i5

Alright so I got a 6GB triple channel kit from corsair. I was really dumb and didn't pay attention to the fact that Core i5 doesn't support triple channel. I know I can just put 2 of the sticks into my motherboard and get Dual Channel, since putting all 3 would give me single channel. So I have 2 options I see, buy 1 more stick and have 2 dual channel's, or sell the third off.

Here's my 2 questions.
1) Where the HELL do you buy a single stick of memory anymore?

2) And, even though my first question sort of answers this, would I be able to sell a single stick of the memory fairly easily?

Here's what I bought, for reference:
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  1. Another option would be to buy another 6GB kit like you have, use 1 stick in your system to bump you up to 8GB and sell the remaining 4GB as a dual-channel kit.
  2. That is a good point. Would people be interested in a mismatched set though? Yeah I know the memory would be the same but I thought the companies tested the chips together to ensure they worked well and sold them as kits.
  3. If you took one stick out of the triple channel kit and sold the remaining two, that means they're still a kit. It would just be a dual-channel kit. They're still two modules that came packaged together, right?
  4. Damn, I really need more sleep or something. Thanks for keeping my brain in check.
  5. Look this is getting too complicated, lets just relax a minute.
    Send the extra chip to me, this will relieve you of all the unnecessary stress that is occurring. Periodically I'll post to this site and tell you how the chips doing, Ok.
  6. No no, get the 2nd triple channel kit, then send the extra TWO modules to me!

    See, we have great solutions!

    And no, Corsair doesn't even offer that module in less than 2 x something.
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