HD abnormality/missing "space"

So I just got my new PC and notice a strange abnormality in terms of HD space

is the overall size of the primary drive, for a HD that only has windows which is about 16-17 gb, there seems to be another 16 GB missing in action

In this second pic, I opened up the C drive and displayed the size of the files on there. I forgot to show the hidden files but when I did, the total memory usage on the C drive was 17 gb rather than the 15.2 shown in the pic.

So now I'm trying to figure out what could possibly be taking up space and where?
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  2. Windows index files, backups of system files (etc.)... if you search the relevant Windows section of this forum (I'm guessing its Windows 7) you will find a number of threads regarding vanishing drive space.
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    Check the recycle bin. Remember that there's a separate recycle bin for every account on the system, so check all of them.

    System restore points can also consume quite a lot of space. To see how much space is being used, do this:

    Start -> right-click "Computer", select "Properties"

    Click "System Protection" in the left pane.

    Click your "C:" drive under "protection settings" so that it's highlighted, then click the "Configure" button.

    You'll see how much space is currently used and you'll also see a slider which you can use to adjust the maximum amount of space allows for restore points.
  4. Thats perfect sminlal, about 6 gb in there alone. I have no big issues with some space being "missing", I just prefer to know how it's being used. Since the drive is a SSD, I've only installed things where I know faster load times will benefit me, everything else on the e:/ drive.

    Thanks for your answer though.
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