No Overclocking feature?

hi guys. im having prob overclocking my new rig. i have a Core 2 Duo E7500 and ECS G41T-M6 mobo. in bios, i can see and enter the Frequency/Voltage Control. i can also see the CPU Frequency set to 266MHz. but the prob is i cant adjust it, i cant highlight it. the only adjustable options are the Auto Detect DIMM/PCI and Spread Spectrum.

im confused cause my old computer has an ECS motherboard aswell with Pentium 4 in it. and i can overclock and mess with it.

is there any way to enable that? like some settings or jumpers?

here's the photo of it.
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  1. Mobo esc g41 have locked you cannot change muliplier, for performance system just add ram size.
    This better for you
  2. so no overclocking for me? :( i don't understand. cause my old motherboard was cheaper and overclockable.
  3. dude ...
    esc is crap.
    I wouldn't even keep that board.
    you are lucky it powers up.
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    LOL. I had decent results with some ECS boards, they are cheapo for sure but some are decent and not all are crap. For $20-30 for a mobo you shouldnt ask too much. Spend a little more if you want to overclock.
  5. i should have chose the ASUS P5G41T-M LX at the first place.. the price difference were only $9.
  6. even if it was 50$, there are no pictures here.
    Asus>the rest
  7. yeah i know. but i bought the ECS G41T-M6 for $50. and i thought that it has overclocking abilities cause my OLD ECS motherboard has that overclocking feature. the ASUS P5G41T-M LX was $59.
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