Raid O on X58 Board with Sata 6 gb.s

Hi guys

On an Asus X58 Extreme 3 with the Sata 2 and 3 ports, which would you install the raid 0 on. I know the 6GB/S is quicker, but I have also read a few topics that the Marvell controller is inferior to the Intel ICH10 and that a raid performs better on the Intel chip.

Currently I have 2 Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB WD1002FAEX set up as Raid 0 on the Marvell controller and I get an avg of 200mb's read time and 13.1 ms access time.

Can you guys see any better way of doing this.

Thanks Trevor
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  1. Sata II = Highway with a speed limit of 100 MPH
    Sata III = Highway with a speed limit of 200 MPH
    Your car Has a max speed of 60 MPH - Does not make a differece if you drive the car on highway 3, or 6.

    For SATA SSDs with SF 1200 controller it will perform better on the Intel ICHxx, But SSDs designed for sata 6 is a diff story - Mocks-nicks for HDD, I'd just put it on Sata II.
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