Interested in a new CPU cooler as well as side mountined case fans

Hello, I recently inquired about some help in building a new system and got more than needed. After monitoring my system after a few days now with some solid gaming sessions with no issues what so ever, I have noticed my under heavy load temps range from mid 50's to low 60's*C (depends if I close the door to the cabinet I have the case located it). It idles at 42*C. The case I got, the Coolermaster Storm Scout , had 3 fans intact already. 1 in the back for taking out the hot air, 1 on top for taking out hot air, and one in the front for taking in cooler air. It has 2 side mounts for two more fans, 120mm options I believe. This is the CPU cooler I am looking at. I am unsure of what to look for in regards to fans. One fellow on the case reviews stated that the fans needed to be slim or they would run in to the PSU.

Advice appreciated.
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  1. You'll have no issues whatsoever with that cooler/case/and fans.
    Your case is 8.6" wide and the 212+ is 6.24" tall.
    One 120mm intake fan mounted on the bottom of the side panel will not interfere.
    Not sure about the top but you'd most likely be alright fans are 3/4" thick.
  2. What CPU do you have?

    You say it's in a cabient?Is their much airflow in there?

    That case is very well vented so depending your CPU if you think your getting high temps i think you either need a new cooler/thermal paste or you need to take it out of the cabient.
  3. Airflow is a great that with a good cooler will make a difference. However, your temps aren't too bad now, so they can really just get better. By how much? Somewhat determined by your ambient temps and actual airflow.
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