How to overlcock with g31 m7 te

I have a G31 M7 TE MB, with a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor and everytime i try and overclock the CPU Frequncy to 334 which brings the CPU to 3.00GHz, it blue screens and restarts is there anything i need to do please guide me Thanks
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  1. When the cpu uses more then the default voltage,it will automatically restart.
    Just overvolt in the BOIS and it will be fine.
  2. Memory settings. If you are using DDR2-800 RAM and your memory settings are on Auto, if you increase the FSB from 266 MHz to 333 MHz, your memory will be running at DDR2-1000 speeds (or try to).

    You need to change your memory settings so that the memory clock is twice the FSB freq or CPU-Z indicates that you are running at 1:1.
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