Are there good name brands for HDD bays?

As I commented on in another thread, I had a very bad experience with a Mediasonic HF2-SU2S2 4xHDD bay.

I'm wondering if anyone has had good luck with a specific make/model, because mine lasted me two months. I looked on the forums and many people had similar bad luck.

I'm willing to spend extra money. What I'm looking for is quality (durability). I don't even care if it has RAID built in, as I can handle that software-side.

What I'd like is something that plugs in either by ethernet or e-sata (I have a port multiplier), handles it's own power and cooling, and will stand up to being on all day, every day.

Unfortunately, there's a ton of crappy companies out there, it seems.

A major bonus would be if it took even more than 4 drives, although my port multiplier will take 2xe-Sata cables.

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  1. Well, I'm using one of these: and it works nicely, but you need an UltraSCSI card for it!

    I have had great success using the Kingwin trayless bays for both 3.5" and 2.5" drives. But the ones I am using are mounted in bays in the PC, and I think that you only want external ones. Since Kingwin has been very good to me, I suggest that you look at this if you have the bays and this if not. The latter claims to do hardware raid within the enclosure which may be more fuss than you need, but it's a good brand.

    I used to have links to exactly what I think you want, four or five disks in a dumb external enclosure that supports port multipliers, but they are broken. I'll add on if I find those products.

    Edit: Boy, an I having trouble with links today. The first was
    and the second was
  2. Great, I'll keep an eye out. I'm gonna see if Mediasonic will charge me anything for shipping/warranty stuff, and if they do, I'll be picking one or two of these guys up.

    Hopefully I'll have better luck this round.
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