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I just bought a new PC with a gtx 295......before i used a Quadro FX 3500......the problem is that i use a samsung series 6 HDTV hooked to my system along with a monitor....the setup worked flawlessly with the quadro card but when i hooked it to my 295 it shows "hdcp not supported in your system" message when connected with an HDMI cable.....even worse when i connect it though a VGA cable it does not even recognize a second display......but all the booting procedure are visible in the tv....once it logs into windows it reverts back to the monitor......I checked with the TV manual and it says it is HDCP compatible.....i donno wat 2 do.....so can u guys help me out.....It will be graetly appreciated......
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  1. Just to be clear, when connected through HDMI, your TV can't be recognized as a second display by your computer?
  2. when you changed the cards did you use driver cleaner to completely clear out all the video drivers and reinstall the most recent nvidia drivers?
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