I7 920 temps with Scythe Mugen 2

Just wanted to know if Ide 45c Load 76c is the average ppl get using the Mugen 2. OC'ed to 3.6 with 1.3v. Would getting higher RPM fan help with the temps? Using push/pull config with 2 fan going from bottom to top exhaust fan in a HAF 932 case. Just wondering cause I think I have seen ppl post better temps then my and was just wondering if I need to reseat the heatsink? Using IC 7 Carat thermal paste.

Update: Ok, OC'ed to 4.2Mhz, vcore 1.275. Real Temp shows 1 of the max core temp at 82c. Is this normal or could be lower? I have it at 3.8Mhz with vcore 1.25 and it's highest temp is 74c right now though since most thread say 70c should be the limit. Still wondering if I should reseat the heatsink.
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  1. scyte recommends setting the heatsink to blow to the back side. using push pull will get u 3-4 deg lower. U should be gettin lower temps with the mugen 2.
  2. Temps are to high, say bye bye CPU if your keep running it that high.
  3. It depends on what you are getting your load temps from. If from programs like LinX those are pretty decent temps and wouldn't worry at all. If you are getting them from daily use I would say they are high. In daily use you will never see temps close to what you will get from a stress program.
    Even when I ran Cinebench 10 with all 8 threads working it was a good 15° less than LinX and there really aren't many programs that can load all 8 threads.
  4. have you got a C0 or D0 processor?

    if it's C0 then the temps are good, if it's D0 then reseat the HS.
  5. Ah sorry forgot to mention all those temps are from Prime95 running small FTT. And can't blow to the back side due to the fact that the Dominators are too high and would block the heatsink fan. D0 stepping.
  6. It don't matter if it's a C0 or D0 at the same speed and voltage they run about the same temps. The only reason you may see D0's with lower temps at a certain speed is they often will have a lower voltage which will give lower temps. 85° @ 4.2 is a good air cooled temp.
    It would be nice if temps were like my 8400 and be in the 50's @ 4ghz+ while stressing but the i7 a fairly hot cpu and when you get over 4ghz they do generate a lot of heat. There may be some that don't because there are some chips that have less leakage but in general those a good temps for your speed.
  7. I reseated the CPU and now the temps are worst at about 8c more. :(

    I'm guessing I didn't clean the old thermal paste off as good as I thought? Should I lap my heatsink?

    Update: Ok reseated it yet again but this time since I ran out of the IC 7 Carat paste, I used the one that came with the HS. Temps back down to 75c at 1.25vcore 3.8MHz.
  8. A mount can make far more difference than what paste you use. Like I said your temps were good for the speeds you were running.
    IC 7 is a really hard paste to use with how viscous it is.

    A few months ago I redid my mount and changed from OCZ Freeze to IC 7 and gained 13° under LinX and knew the mount was bad and the gain wasn't the TIM I used. It seems a good TIM like AS5 will have a CW of around .04 which at a 150w heat load is 6° as compared to no joint, and to see people saying they got 10° from changing the TIM is unrealistic and I believe any more than maybe 2° is the quality of the mount (the main reason all the TIM comparisons on the net to me mean very little and same for a lot of the HS reviews).

    Here are a couple shots of before and after the remount. Both were done with the exact same bios settings and on the 1st one I noticed that once the heat got over 80~85° my vcore and pwm temps both went up quite a bit.



  9. Hmm good to know. I might try another just because it's a heck of a lot of work just to reseat the scythe mugen 2.

    Btw would you recommend the HS your using?
  10. vinnces said:
    Btw would you recommend the HS your using?

    Not the copper version because of its weight but yes for the TRUE or TRUE black. If I need to get another one I will go with the TRUE Black.
    The main reason I got the copper is the same reason I have a G5 water block they are kind of unique. The G5 more than the TRUE copper but both are limited production. But from what I have seen the Mugen2 is as good or better than the TRUE.For the TRUE to really perform it needs increased mounting pressure, lapping, high heat load and strong fans.

  11. Hmm not too sure what I did wrong then. Do you think when I wipe the bottom of the HS with alcohol and leaving streaks on the contact would affect the performance?
  12. vinnces said:
    Hmm not too sure what I did wrong then. Do you think when I wipe the bottom of the HS with alcohol and leaving streaks on the contact would affect the performance?

    That is possible but more likely is the mount but can be how much TIM and how it was applied also. Too much TIM can be worse than too little. There are so many things that affect the temps that come from mounting your HS. The main reason I used IC7 on my last mount was I had a lapped TRUE but not my CPU and figured that the diamond would conduct heat better if I had some thicker ares of paste from the imperfections of the IHS.
    I usually use a grain of rice size drop in the center and mount from there. This time I used a little more in the center with a small line along the center-line of the actual cpu since the i7 is rectangular. My tube of IC7 was good for four mounts.
  13. I guess I used too much paste on them then. I used only 2 mount and maybe got half a mount of paste left when I tried to do the 3rd mount. Running IntelBurnTest at 3.8Mhz 1.25vcore and getting max 75c. Think I will stick with this and then maybe switch to the Thermalright IFX-14 later and try again.
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