Ram install gone wild..

If anyone can solve this RAM dilemma I will be most grateful...

My PC uses DDR400 PC3200 RAM. Originally, my Alienware PC came with 2 512 MB cards stuck in the RAM slots. There are four RAM slots: 2 blue slots on the left and 2 purple slots on the right. So originally, there were 2 512 MB cards in the 2 blue slots on the left. I needed to upgrade my RAM due to running Adobe Illustrator AND Photoshop at the same time. So I decided to get another Gig of RAM. I did not know the hell I would go through...

I ordered a 1 GB stick of JetRam. When I went to install the 1 Gig stick of ram the natural place I thought to stick it in was the next open RAM slot. Remember, there were 2 blue slots on the left and 2 purple slots on the right. Since the 2 blue slots on the left were already used by 512 MB badboys I went with the the first purple slot right to the next of it. When I turned my PC back on all I heard was beeping like someone was trying to steal a car in my PC case. So that was a NO-GO man down situation.

The 1 GB stick of JetRam that I ordered is good RAM because my next step was to take out the original 512 MB Ram sticks and put in the NEW 1 GB stick in the first slot and it worked fine (no other sticks in but the new one). I did this to test to see if the new RAM stick was working and I guess it is. Next, I tried to add to this and put the original 2 512 MB sticks in the next two slots... again BEEPING. So I took out the second slot 512 MB stick thinking that since the left side is 2 blue slots and the right side is 2 purple slots 1 should go in blue and 1 should go in purple. This time the computer actually booted up but I got an error saying "System is running in fail-safe state. Please recheck BIOS CMOS SETUP." Something about Memory Clock is DDR 333 and Memory Info is DDR 400. Both my ram chips say pc3200 and that is DDR400 so Im confused. Anyway, it boots up and windows starts but in Fail-safe state. but only the third slot (first purple slot and the one with 512 MB card in it) is being recognized. This is weird since the NEW 1 GB stick is in the first slot and one 512 mb is in the third slot, but only the third slot 512 MB is showing up in My Computer Properties. So it is not even recognizing the 1 gig in the first slot.

Can anyone help me please??
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  1. oh it is obvious, but the objective here is to get the new 1 Gig stick working with the previous 2 512 mb sticks to get 2 gigs working properly.. thanks....
  2. after talking with a buddy I realized I bought High density ram and it prolly isn't gonna work when mixed with my old chips..
  3. It still may, but it appears to require paired memory, dual channel which is two equivalent chips in one channel.
    running in single channel which is one single module in one slot of either channel
    no mixing of the 2 forms of memory channeling simultaneously.
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