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i have a dell E510 with 4 slots that can max out to 4gb of ram. All then slots can be dual channel ram. Right now it has the factory dual channel 256mb of ddr2 pc2-4200 for 512mb of ram. Since it has dual channel of 256 in slots 1 and 3, i want to put 2 gigs ram in slots 2-4, which are the dual channel slots left. Do i get 2 more gigs of of pc2-4200 or get the fastest it can take the pc2-5300? Thanks
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  1. I would look for some used sticks of 1 gb pc5300 at anandtech's for sale forum, or post a WTB (wanted to buy) and see if you get some responses. You may be able to get them for around $25 a pair shipped. Lots of folks have leftover ddr2 for sale as they upgrade. I use crucial and hp ddr2, and they both work fine. I doubt you can use the 256 ram with the 1 gig; I would save them for spares and get 4 1 gig sticks. Post this in one of Dell's forums on their website to be sure they'll work. Dell boards can be picky about ram.
  2. I appreciate the help, I'll see if i can get a bite over at that forum. Is it better to fill all the banks with 1gig to make 4, or just fill 2 slots with 2gb sticks to make 4? I always got confused on that. thanks again.
  3. Your board may be too old to recognize 2gb sticks; check with the dell forum for more info. If you max is 4 gb, then 1 gb sticks are probably the limit.
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