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Hi, i have a server setup with server 2003, and a 10 gig partition on a 210gb drive, the 10gb partition only has a 8.5gb pagefile on it and nothing else, checked hidden files adn defraged it, even removed teh pagefile adn added it back but it displays only 470mb left (incorrect disk usage), please help
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  1. Hmm. I just checked and subtracted 8.5 GB (2^30) from 10 gb (10^9) and I get 813 MB, so that's not the problem. A lot of misunderstanding come from different products using different meanings of "gigabyte."
    Can you examine the disk with, say, (under Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management) and post a picture, or a text description of the line for that volume letter, what is shown on the left in the picture line for the disk, and what is show on the right in the picture line for that partition?
    Also, do a listing of the drive that will show hidden and system data. It might be your recycle bin or other system area.
    Let us know what you find.
  2. Hi;

    Thanks for that response, i checked the recycle bin and shadows copies, shadows copies have been disabled and the recycler folder is empty and so is the recycle bin, and no space being used by the system either

    Pagefile (p) - partition - Basic - NTFS - Healthy(pagefile)

    10.00GB - free space 470MB

    Awaitng your further feedback

    Thanks Riyaan
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