Graphic card wouldn't fit in

Ok it's not the AGP/PCI-E problem. Problems I'm having right now is the huge processor heatsink and the undersized casing. For detailed information, please refer to .

So what can I do now ? Is it possible to just purchase a smaller heatsink and change the casing to a bigger one ?
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  1. This card, , is supposed to fit.

    Small case -> small air flow
    high performance -> large wattage -> heat
    small air flow + heat = BAD

    My advice? Clean your fans and buy a GPU with a low heat signature.
  2. 1. Are you sure that your psu can sustain the whole rig?
    2. Is your cpu P4 3,4ghz? If it is, I thik it will bottlenick the gpu.
    3. You can take out the plastic case from the cpu. Maybe you will have more space.
    Anyway you will have a big problem with temps. All the hot air from cpu will go to the gpu.
  3. NoobieZ said:

    So what can I do now ?

    You can cut away a portion of the bottom of the heat sink shroud, can't take it off completely since it holds the HS down.
    Or do even more modding

    You would be better off with a lesser card though.
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