Thinking on biuldin a new gaming rig

hi guys, im thinking on building a new gaming rig.. i want to get the best i can for a midrange budget..

what i had in mind was:

-CPU: Intel Q8200 (maybe a E7400 would do it??)

-MOBO: gigabyte-ep45c-ds3

I can buy this from Spain:

- 2x Kingston DDR2 2gb 800mhz

- GPU- Powercolor HD4850 512mb ( i have a 19" monitor)

this one also from spain:

- PSU: Coolermaster 600W

- case: dont know yet

Im thinking to play almost all the latest games(fallout 3, far cry 2,mirrors edge, etc..and maybe the next ones like diablo 3 and starcraft 2) in max res (maybe crysis not so high)

The mobo supports crossfire so maybe in the future i could add another 4850

I cant get only 2 parts from Spain so i chose the mobo and gpu cause here they are too expensive and old here

what do u think about it?
thx! :D

ps: try not to recomend parts from newegg that are cheaper cos im not from the us so the dont ship here :(
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  1. An e8400 would be a better choice for gaming .

    games dont use all the cores so its better to have two faster cores than 4 slower
  2. or a P2 720 and 790GX motherboard.
  3. amd works better in tighter budget..
  4. ok ill look for the amd and compare prices

    so u say that its better a E8400 than a Q8200? the price is similar so im thinking in gaming perfomance..what u think?

    the gpu may also be the sapphire 4850 instead of the powercolor

  5. well i found this amd mobo:

    will it go with a Phenom II 920?

    is it better than the Q8200 or the E8400?
  6. yes.. it will fit phenom 920. but get phenom 940 instead.. same price, greater performance. ( i dont know your local price, but it is the same price here)
  7. Man, that squirrel is cute...
  8. looks cool to me. you already got your case?
  9. yeah i would say drop down from the quad to a good core 2 uo either the 7400 or 8400 would be great choices. then also try upgade to a 1gb 4870 for that extra boost.

    and as for a case id recommend the coolermaster 690. im currenly using it and its a great bagain tbh!
  10. +1 on the case
  11. i dont know the case yet

    ive been looking the thermaltake sonata but i think i have some problems with the size of the gpu

    the other one ive seen was the thermaltake m9


    i have a 19" monitor, i dont think i need 1gb of gpu memory..

    i want a quad core cos im thinking in the future, that if game reqs go up, i can add a 4850 or maybe just upgrade the gpu

    i thought of the coolermaster 600W cos its accesible in my local store..anyway ill ask for the 690
  12. sry, i meant the thermaltake soprano :p

    does anyone know if a sapphire 4850 (512mb) will fit ok?

    and two in crossfire?

    ive read that the case had those cons


    im only going to install 1 hard drive, so maybe i dont have any problem

    what about the antec three hundred??
  13. get dual 4770's instead, they beat 4890's, use less energy than each 4850's and are cheaper whereas dual 4850's will be equal to a 4890 and use more energy.
  14. two 4770s arent cheaper than a 4850
  15. thought you meant getting two 4850's.

    well anyway 4770's is still the better choice.
  16. 4770's aren't cheaper but they are better in performance, crossfire...
  17. because 1280 cores scale way better than 1600.
  18. now im confused, the 4770 is better than the 4850?

    if u oc the 4770 then can get it to the 4850

    ive read some benchmarks and the 4850 does some more fps

    but maybe de GDDR5 makes the difference..

    im kind of a newbie..thats why im here asking u guys
  19. and what about that its 40nm and has a 128bit inteface?

    does that make any issue with the rest of the rig (mobo, psu,..)?
  20. Its really up to you man. 4770's in crossfire are screaming right now. The 4850 is fine too..but to me it seems the 1GB versions are better than 512MB.

    Yes GDDR5 makes these cards faster and more efficent. GDDR4 sux tho thats why people still use GDDR3.
  21. but the 1gb versions wouldnt make sense in my 19" monitor.. tho i could get it anyway in case in a couple of years i go up the 19"s.. but im not sure that in the future ill buy a new monitor, and since my budget is tight, i would stay with the 512
  22. 512 is fine man. I was looking at the prices tho...looks like the 1GBs are less on newegg. Also, 1 card can do the don't need 2 really unless you want to push your rig further.

    The HD4770 is $99 <-- Performs almost as good if not better in single/crossfire
    The HD4850 1GB is $139-159
    The HD4850 512MB is $119-159

    Read this review...,2281.html
  23. ill go for the 4850

    anyone knows if the thermaltake soprano is big enough?
  24. +1 HD4770
  25. what about the 4870? for the 4850 i was planning a coolermaster eXtreme 600W, but would it be enough for a 4870?

    what about the 1gb versions? are they necesary for a 19 monitor?

    what if in the future i got a bigger monitor? should i get the 1gb version?

    does the 1gb version works fine with a 19" monitor?

    hers the psu:
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