What to get, E8400 or E8500? (both the same price)

i can get the E8500 for the same price as the E8400 (actually the E8500 will cost me 1$ less then the 8400)
both tray version, doesnt matter to me if im gonna get an aftermarket cooling like the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, right?

thing is, ive heared that you can overclock the 8400 better and more stable the the 8500, is it true?

if they both cost the same, which one to get?

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  1. No, not really, just make sure you get the latest revision.

    You can always simulate a E8400 by lowering the multiplier.
  2. E8500 is better (but costs more) they should both overclock similar.

    Definitely buy the 8500
  3. Are they the same stepping? That's a big deal. The E0 revision seems a lot more consistent. You want the SLB9L (E8500) or the SLAPL (E8400). I'd take an E0 E8400 over a C0 E8500.
  4. ^ all 8 and 9 series Core 2 CPU's should be E0 now.
  5. E8400 FTW, mainly because it is a beast OCer. What is your intended perpose, will you be gaming or what, because in certain games a C2Q performs better.
  6. They are harvested from the same die, apart from revision, the E8500 is more likely to be a better overclocker as it higher binned product.
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