Why is nvidia chipset bad exactly

Here is my final build.

Processor: AMD Phenom II X3 720BE

Motherboard: asus m3n-hd-hdmi (SLI Capable at x8)

Graphics Card: Palit nvidia GTX 260 core 216

RAM: 4GB g Skill or kingston or transcend

PSU: Antec EA 650 SLI
Case: Zebronics Case (bijli or watever)

HDD: WD 500GB or 640GB.

Please critique.

Also, the mobo has 750a sli chipset. Yesterday, I came across a thread in toms that said that nvidia chipsets are not good. I searched for all the possible problems with the chipsets, but could not find a single thread that explained the problem. They just keep sayin that its bad (however, some do say that the chipset has some heat issues).

Could you please let me know why nvidia chipset is a problem (especially a 750a sli)? In the meanwhile i looked up google too but to no avail. I am continuing googling though. I cant go for 4870 1GB, coz its priced much higher than gtx 260 here in India, so cant go for xFire. Please help me out, coz if there is something very bad with the chipset then I will have to settle with 4850, which is priced similarly to the gtx 260 here. :fou:
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  1. Bump...

    30 views and not a single reply.... C'mon show me some love people...

    Or should I assume that there is nothing wrong with the chipset?
  2. At the Biostar subforums at Rebelshaven one of the most respected AM2+ mobos is the the TPower N750a SLI. I am thinking those people shooting Nvidia chipsets are referring to the 680i? Also traditionally Nvidia chipsets cost more expensive than Intel/AMD chipsets so it could be that people raise the bar far too high after they fork out for one hehe
  3. On the AMD platform, Nvidia chipsets aren't as bad, but for Intel they are garbage. They often have stability issues out of the box, and fail commonly. They also have less overclocking potential than less expensive Intel chipsets. And they are extremely expensive compared to other motherboards with similar features. The only thing they have going for them over Intel chipsets is that they will support SLI, which isn't worth it IMO, when you can get the same performance out of a crossfire setup.
  4. Hey thanks for the replies.
    So, 750 chipset is not bad on AMD, but may or may not be as good on intel front, right?

    see, the point is that 4870 is priced Rs. 13K here in India, while 4850, GTS 250 1GB and GTX 260 core 216 are priced 9K, 10K and 11K respectively. (all prices in INR, divide by 50 to get equivalent dollars). So its a no brainer that I *HAVE* to go for 260.

    I started putting up the parts for my build a month ago when I wanted to have SLI/xFire in my setup. I still want it. So I have to get an SLI board. Intel doesnt offer one, AMD CANT offer one lol. So i have no choice but to go for nforce. Best chipset mobo that I can find for me is ASUS M3N HD/HDMI with a 750a chipset.

    Am I doing something grossly wrong with it? Will the mobo be able to last me for about 1 1.5 years? Plus,I am getting X3 720BE, so would it matter what mobo i choose for overclocking it? Man, am i baffled????
  5. Its really funny how Nvidia claims Intel has bad chipsets too...when Nivdia can't make good mobos themselves...
  6. Yeah but Nvidia's claim is just desperation to raise their own sales, Intel makes good chipsets.

    I think you will be alright with that MB, but its not ideal.
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