I currently have a GA-965P-S3 rev 1.0 Motherboard running a E6400 @ 2.13

Looking at the Gigabyte website showing supported cpu's would it be correct to say that I can NOT change my processor to a Quad Q9550 or similair due to the FSB Speed???

Here is Gigabytes page

Thanks for you help as I am a little confused :??:
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  1. Right, the 965 chipset does not properly support 45nm CPUs including the Q95550. The Q6600 will work great which is what I have on one of my two Intel 965 MBs. The P35 chipset was the first to support 45nm Intel CPUs.
  2. thanks!!, I got a friend selling a QX6700 for a very small price, which looks like one of the better cpu's to upgrade without having a major rebuild. Think I may go for this option,
  3. Yeah, the Q6700 will work great, be sure to check the MB's online site for any BIOS update that would be needed before you remove the E6400. My Q6600/965 is a great machine. It's OC'ed to 3GHz with 6GB RAM and Vista 64.
  4. Thanks for the advise :) Is the bios version an F# ? As on start up it shows i am running F14a, on Gigabytes tech sheet it shound be F9 for the current cpu, and F7 for future cpu. Do u think F14a is the latest and most upto date and therefore should be ok, or do I need to be specific and d/load the correct number?
  5. I am not familiar with Gigabyte BIOS versions. The lastest BIOS version covers or includes all previous BIOS versions. If you want verify which BIOS version your system has currently, download and install CPUZ and click on the 'Motherboard' tab. The current BIOS version is listed there.

    CPUZ 1.52 setup
  6. Thanks, Great help!!
  7. I have two ASUS 965 MBs running currently and they do not support 45nm CPU's. There are no BIOS version available for support. I think this is due to voltage regulation issues. Gigabyte is great at issueing new revisions of their MB. ASUS does not do so very often. ASUS issues a new model where a soft or BIOS update will not do. You rarely see ASUS rev. this or that. I think the P6T has a single rev. where the actual RAID controller is removed from the MB, a 'hard' revision.

    This means that both new dual-core and quad-core processors based on Intel's almost-ready 45-nm process require a P35, G33, G35 or X38 chipset, just because motherboards with these new core logic products support the latest voltage regulator standard VRM 11.,1607-20.html

    I have read about a lot of problems using a 965 and 45nm CPU. Even if a BIOS is written for support. You would need a 965 with the VRM 11 upgrade (Version 2). A BIOS update would do nothing for a MB without it as far as supporting 45nm.
  8. I know nothing about specifics of Gigabyte MBs. I'm an ASUS fanboi.
  9. I can find my MB or anyone else's product page complete with download in a two minutes. I have the P5B Deluxe and P5B-VM-DO. The micro absolutely dos not support 45nm. Although the P5B Deluxe shows a BIOS version supporting some 45nm, word is out that there are 'problems' trying to run and/or tune one. I may try a 45nm on my P5B Deluxe someday.

    These links never stay, but as you can see there are no 45nm CPU's supported on the ASUS P5B-VM-DO 965. I think the article related to this fact:

    Maybe the link will open this way.
  10. If the link works (pasted) all the ASUS 965 MB's laid out for your viewing pleasure.
  11. For some reason, when pasting ASUS links onto this Forum, the do not always work. Here is the main dowload page for all of ASUS's products. If you click on 'select product' and choose MB, all MB's are listed for a product page complete will all downloads. Same for video cards, sound cards, notebooks, etc.

    I hate Asus, and going to their website gives me another reason to hate them more.

    ROG (Republic of gamers) have the most enhanced user AM BIOS interface ASUS offers.
  12. Sure, they SAY they support 45nm CPU's and not all of course. Everything I have read said do not even try. At the ASUS site, the MBs are not listed by chipsets. The sequence is like this motherboards>socket>name of MB. That will get you to the 'online product page'. Everything you ever wanted to know about your particular MB, but were afraid to ask is listed there including a forum dedicated to that individual MB as well as CPU support, RAM test list, etc. The list of ASUS 965's I gave also has several units that absolutely do not support 45nm CPU's. So to say 965 supports 45nm is not entirely correct. Like I said, Gigabyte does it differently. Revison whatever. ASUS rarely issues a revision (on occasion like I mentioned with the P6T removing a RAID controller). ASUS issues a new 'model' with the same chipset. The 965 list I gave is an excellent example. P5B is one board, P5B Deluxe WiFi, P5B Deluxe(I own), P5B-VM (which I owned), P5B-VM-DO (which I own currently).

    What is the method with Gigabyte for releasing new MB's with the same chipset? I don't know I'm asking. The forum is filled with listings with specific revision. I must admit, I am not familiar with this and only answer 'general' questions about Gigabyte MBs. I owned one socket A. RMA'd it. Got it back smeared with gray thermal paste. I spent an hour or more with cotton swabs trying to clean the paste from where it was smeared all over the socket until I became furious. I emailed the RMA dept. and let them know the unit they sent out just was not acceptable, no matter how much effort I put in to it. I have a dozen or more ASUS boards running. I have never had a single solitary issue with a single board I own. Not a single problem in probably 10 years. I have never, ever so much as contacted ASUS support about RMAing a single item I own. MB's, video cards, sound cards. I'm pobably missing something. I still have my ASUS 5900 Ultra running. I own that single Gigabyte Socket A MB. Dead. I want to buy a PCI video card and try and confirm it's not the AGP slot that went south. I would buy a Gigabyte board, but I am partial to the AM BIOS of ASUS. The ROG BIOS is awesome.

    I built a system from the ground up for a kid with a Gigabyte MB. I also built my Socket A with the Gigabyte MB. I prefer ASUS.

    EDIT for spelling, punctuation. I always try for an A.
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