What RAID configuration do I need?

I don't know too much about RAID but a friend said me that If I do a RAID configuration I can gain performance. I'm having load times and freezing problems with my current hard drive (4 years old Western Digital Caviar Blue 7200rpm 8mb cache 250GB) in an online game "Aion Online" so I thought I needed a new one with better cache and bought a Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB 32MB Cache hard drive (is on the way).

I want to know if I can gain performance by putting this two hard drives in a RAID configuration and if it is so, what's the best configuration for them?
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  1. You want 2 drives the same for RAID 0 to gain performance, if you use the 2 you have you will loose the extra capacity of the new one and not get much of a gain. If you want RAID get another drive the same as the new one.
  2. Thanks for your answer @simon12. Soon I will buy another Caviar Black.
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