How to reset USB Flash Media formatted as Floppy

Hello All,

I have a usb flash drive which I had previously formatted as a bootable floppy disk drive using an HP utility at the time. I had to do this to helpme with a BIOS update.

When the drive is plugged in, windows recognises it as a floppy disk with a max of 1.44 MB. Is there any way of unformatting / restoring my media back to full capacity?

I am running Windows 7.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards
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  1. have you tried using the Disk Manager in Windows?

    if it is larger then 4GB use FAT32 with 32 bit sectors.
  2. Just right-click on the drive in your explorer window (the old "My Computer") and select "Format". You can do a quick format as emerald suggested with FAT32.
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