What files need to be on master hdd?

I"m getting ready to install an 80GB ide hdd as a slave in my Dell Dimension 3000. That will give me an 80GB master and an 80GB slave. Which files should I move from master to slave? Also, do the hdd's need to be partitioned? Thanks.

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  1. nope, it's pretty straightforward. Make sure the jumper selector on the drive is set to Slave (the position should be pictured on the drive). Partitioning is optional, only if you want a greater number of "drives" to show up in Explorer. I would put the data that I want to save on this drive, like photos, etc. That way, if the master drive (with the OS) crashes, you still have the data. There are no requirements to move any files; but do not move system files or Program Files, as Windows already knows their location on the Master.
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