Adding additonal items to my existing wireless network

How do I add a second laptop and X-box to my existing wireless network? The second laptop is showing limited connectivity when trying to connest-but I cannot connect it at all. The X-box is working wireless, but the connection is horrible
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  1. Limited normally means you aren't pulling internet but you have an IP address handed out by the router.

    Since you connected the xbox, I'm guessing it's not a wifi password issue.

    You might try giving the laptop a static IP and see if that fixes the issue.
    You mirror all settings on another working computer, excpet give it a different number on the end. Choose something like 10 more than how many devices connect to your router. Say you have 4 devices, and this is the 5th one. Give the laptop x.x.x.14 Usually the pool is 2-50 so that should work.

    What's the xbox's distance from the router? Is there any thing that might block the signal in between the router and xbox?
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