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RAID 1 on two SATA HDDs on vantec NexStar MX

Last response: in Storage
December 23, 2010 5:35:30 PM

Hi All,

Here are some details of the stuff that I am using or having:

OS: Win XP (Pro) or Win 7 (Home edition)

HDDs: 2 of 2TB Western Digital (Volume labels: WD 2TB A / WD 2TB B)

External Enclosure: Vantec NexStar MX - Dual 3.5'' SATA to USB 2.0 and eSATA With JBOD/RAID 0/1

Info: Both HDDs are formatted to NTSF Basic. Both are running fine.

On the Vantec external enclosure, there is an option to set RAID 1 (switch 1 & 2 are on, 3 & 4 are off.

When I hook up the external enclosure via USB 2.0, I am able to see both drives under my Computer.

I am trying to keep a mirror disk. But when I copy some files (for testing) on
the WD 2TB A drive, it should copy the same thing on the WD 2TB B drive. It is not doing that. I tried the vise versa option (copy files to WD 2TB B and it did not copy automatically to WD 2TB A).

Is there any other config or software or drivers that I need to setup/config to get this RAID 1 working ? Please help. Thanks. If you need further info, let me know.

Thank you very much