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First time poster.. long time follower.

Here is my Problem I have an x-fi titanium... and as you guys probally guess I have a problem with the SCAP. It mostly occurs while im listening to music and surfing the web/ multi tasking. Oddly enough I dont seem to hear it while im playing high end games... or perhaps not notice.
Im just wondering if there is any way to fix this... I have tried multiple things but i still get the SCAP allot... it sucks to buy an expensive card and have this issue. HEre is my system specs. Plus i Have installed the newest drivers that supposly support windows 7

Ga- eP43- UD3L
GTS 250 1 gig
E8400 duo
4 gigs ddr2- 800mhz
windows 7 x64

Thanks all in advance
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  1. just to make sure
    you did turn off the on-board audio in BIOS?
  2. hmmm this may sound dumb... and im not sure wether it is enabled or not. But if its on baord audio im guessing it should be disabled?
  3. correct it needs to be disabled
  4. The best advice I can offer (besides a non-Creative card, of course) would be to try unofficial drivers and see if they help you out.
  5. THanks for the advice.... I have disabled the onbaord through Bios.. no change. I can return this card until thursday. Any recomendations for good fast cards that support EAX and have a on aboard processor
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