AMD Build....

Do you guys think my system is performing up to par so far?

So i recently put a cheap system together as a rig for when friends come a cheap built lenovo case with one intake fan at the front and one at the rear iv got this packed in

AMD 4400+ stock clock of 2200mhz with a SOFTWARE :o overclock of 400MHZ :D so its at 2600mhz

2GB of Infenion ram @ 580MHZ? :??:

9800GTX+ @ 760 MHZ with an auto fan speed 60 degrees whilst gaming decent? it doesn't go over 63 after hours of auto fan speed as well...

500w rosewill

Windows XP 32bit

Pushing a 1280x1024 monitor and 1024x768 monitor..

My motherboard is just a run of the mill oem board so no overclocking in the bios etc thus clockgen comes in real handy and is an amazing fps boost in games like l4d...ran this system in split screen on l4d @ 1920x1080 with all settings maxed and the game never got un playable...system is f****** ridiculous im so impressed

And if you count what i payed for the pc and all of the parts iv got around 40$ in it :whistle:

So do you guys think the system is performing ok?

BTW the fps just jumped to 69 and it pretty much never goes below 30 fps in farcry 2 with all settings max except aa/af/hdr/bloom...pretty impressive card for this build...wondering why i spent 150$ on my 260 gtx :sweat:

You probably need to select download on the link to the picture to see all of the stats
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  1. Well if it can play Far Cry without ever going below 30fps, then you're made man :)
  2. Yeahp i this point all i care is that it can run battlefield 1943!!!! omg i can't wait me and my buddy LOVE! battlefield 1942 and all of its mods....and call of duty modern warfare 2...just the multiplayer :D hopefully

    I *** my pants when i loaded farcry on it at had no problems running the game with i believe it was medium shadows and everything else set to very high except hdr/bloom/aa....
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