Best AM2+, 95W AMD X4 Processor?

As the thread title suggests..

I'm after the top line Quad Core AMD processor which is already out, but at 95W and AM2+ socket.

I have a socket AM2+ XFX 750a SLI motherboard, which only supports 95W processors, but I'm soon to upgrade to two GTX260s or GTX280s and don't want to be using this AMD Dual Core I currently have.

Does anyone know what the top model I can use is?

Many thanks in advance.
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  1. If this is your motherboard
    On the CPU compatible list you're in luck with a couple of either quad core or tri core Phenom II options as well.The Phenom II series of course is much better than the older Phenom series.

    It looks as if the AM3 2.6 Ghz Phenom II X4 810 (quad core) or the AM3 2.8 Ghz Phenom II X3 720 BE (tri core) would be the fastest choices on that support list.AM3 CPU's will work on AM2+ motherboards if the CPU is supported (usually with a BIOS update).I don't see where to get a BIOS update from this XFX site though (perhaps through support?).

    If your looking specifically for the fastest quad core 95 watt TPD AM2 Phenom sold retail that would be the 2.3 Ghz Phenom X4 9650 but again the Phenom II series ones that I mentioned earlier are more powerful
  2. That's my board jj463rd :).
    I know it's not going to match a lot of boards that people in these forums have, but I think it looks beautiful if nothing else hehe.

    I was scoping a few forums a while back and read that the AM3 processors would work on AM2+ because the pin layout is the same but AM3 have less pins (why AM3 works on AM2+ but not viceversa).

    I'm looking around now for the AM3 2.6GHz 810, but I'll try and sort the bios update first (it doesn't say anywhere on my box etc that it supports AM3 so it must need an update I guess).

    XFX support is slow and normally poor. Great kit, poor support ;).

    I'll look around and see what I can find. Much appreciated jj, I had missed the CPU compatible list link on that page!

    This is what you want: Phenom II 945 3.0ghz 95watt

    I'm upgrading to this as soon as i can.
  4. OMG that is exactly what I want!

    A friend of mine said he had seen a 95W 3.0GHz chip but I thought he was BS'in me. I have trade acconts with a few suppliers so I'll see if I can snatch one up cheap ;).

    Thanks CW.
  5. (sorry double)

    Just thought I'd add to anyone who finds this thead.. after reading about teh 750a motherboard at they say and I quote "but the 140W 9950 worked without issue".

    This board can probably take more than the 95W it states, but I'm keeping with the 95W CPU's until I have a newer board and it's okay if I scrap this with testing ;).
  6. The 720BE most likely has the jam to push either of the two cards listed in multi-card setups about as far as they will go at 16x10 and 19x12. It will also save you enough money to buy a really nice cooler...

    With which you may crank that unlocked cpu multiplier (and IMC/NB) :)
  7. Unfortunately I didn't see the 95 watt TDP Phenom II X4 945 on that compatibility list.
    I was thinking about that one as well but since it wasn't on the list I intentionally omitted it because perhaps there is no update listed for it.
  8. Not sure.
    I've learnt over time that compatibility lists are more of a guide than a strict yes and no list, but I wouldn't want to spend £100 on a processor I couldn't use!

    Maybe if I stick with the 2.6GHz, can a beast of a cooler and overclock up to 3.0GHz. I'm thinking about getting the Freezone Elite anyway and if you know about it, you'll know it could easily take that processer that high.

    We'll see ;).
  9. Phenom II 920 is at a nice price now.
  10. Yeah but the 920 is not on his compatibility list and the TDP is too high.
    Apparently his motherboard is still available at newegg.
  11. 720be would be your best option ATM...... Don't spend too much on a CPU unless you plan on keeping that board for a while.....

    With the money saved you can get a better mobo down the road......
  12. I agree with you guys the 720 BE would be the best choice -bang per buck.
  13. I have been looking up some information on the AMD 720BE X3 before coming back and posting here and I must agree with you guys.

    All though I'd like to have a quad core.. I've seen some great results for this chip. PCWizKid has a video review on YouTube where using a V8 cooler had this chip running at 23C idle, 29-30C full load - very impressive.

    I'm now looking at the AMD Phenom X3 Triple-Core 720 Black Edition 2.8GHz as my new processor because I was surprised to find the chip for only around 70-80GBP (110-130USD).

    This gives me enough money left to get a Thermalright Ultra-120 and try to push at least to 3.0GHz.

    Thanks all for your help!

    I'll let you know when I've actually bought all this crap lol.
    Thanks (Y)
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