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In the coming weeks I will be getting DirectTV to replace my present cable tv service.
My present setup has cable connected to my DVR and into my HDTV. I have a splitter that goes to my bedroom to watch regular stations.
I would like to know if this setup is possible again when I switch to DirectTV.
To be more specific, Once DirectTV is installed to my to HDTV with HD Receiver and HD DVR can I add a splitter like with cable and run a coax cable from my directtv hd receiver up to my bedroom tv for reception of standard stations without me renting an additional receiver?
Thank you in advance,
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  1. you can install a splitter, but you will only be able to watch what is on the main tv.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. Looks like I will have to rent a DirectTV Receiver after all. Apparently, it only works this way with cable tv.
  3. Sorry, not sure what you mean. Buy what on CL(?) or Ebay?
  4. a lot of ppl never return their direct tv receiver boxes .. So check or ebay to just buy one outright and probably at a big discount. Im not saying do it because I have never tried that and unsure if the boxes need to be registered to work or what not, however that is what he was referring to.
  5. If you have question regarding DirecTV installation, I think its best to hit the official manual that came with it.
    If you lost your manual you can download a FREE PDF manual. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

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