Can files be transferred from old compter tothe new one using ethernet if you do

Alll my files an pictures are on my old computer so I want to transfer them to the new one.... can this be done without networking? I don't have a network card and can't buy one right now, wouldn't ever need it after the transfer anyway. I am a Senior citizen but have some knowledge of computers just nothing about this!

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  1. Are you comfortable opening up the computer case and pulling the hard drive out? If so, it's the best way to pull data from an older hard drive. Just install it into your new computer and copy the files over.

    If you are uncomfortable with playing with the computer innards, then maybe you should purchase a USB thumb drive (~8GB or so) and transfer files that way. That may take a while if you have a lot of data though.
  2. If you can borrow a 500 GB External drive, you can transfer your files from the old computer using the USB port (eSATA would be faster) on to the external drive. Then connect the external drive to the new computer and transfer the files to the new computer.

    Another option is to use re-writable DVDs (time consuming)

    Old Computer ----> External drive (via USB) ----> New Computer

    This may be time consuming, but it will work.
  3. Thanks for both replies! I'm not sure which I will do as I will have to think about both!

    Thanks again,
    Nancy ;)
  4. Ideally, get a friend to do it!
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