PC keeps restarting when adding more RAM


I'm a total newbie when it comes to stuff like RAM etc so bear with me.

This is my current system:

Intel Dual Core E5300

Gigabyte S-Series N650SLI-DS4L Motherboard

2GB Corsair XMS2 RAM (2 x 1GB)

Windows XP Pro 32-bit

Now, I just got Windows 7 and I wanted to do the 64-bit installation therefore I purchased more RAM. Got 2GB of the same one I'm using at the moment (2 x 1 GB of Corsair XMS2). Now when I plugged it in, I got a blue screen error a few seconds after windows starting, something about a memory dump. After that when I tried again, Windows restarted on its own. I tried one last time and same thing happened, Windows restarted. I took the new RAM out and PC's working just fine again.

So is my new RAM faulty? Or is it because I have a 32-bit XP and is that causing the problem? Or is there a specific way how I insert the ram in my motherboard? When I googled the problem I saw lots of topics about 'increasing voltage to the RAM' or something.

I didn't want to experiment too much so I decided to ask around what is the issue that makes my RAM cause my pc to keep restarting. Thanks in advance.
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  1. And oops... my bad. My processor is e6300, NOT e5300. Can't seem to edit my previous post... ><
  2. might need to bump the voltage a little extra with 4 sticks
  3. I have no idea how I bump voltage or even check how much I have etc. Like I said, I'm pretty clueless about stuff like this.
  4. I was going through my motherboard's manual and found the section that says: DDR2 Voltage Control. Now before I mess around with the BIOS, can anyone let me know by how much should I increase it for 4 GB ram? Basically, 4 sticks of 1GB ram each.
  5. DDR2 voltage is normally 1.8 volts. Some boards, like mine, have a higher default voltage. I would start by increasing the voltage by .1 to 1.9 unless your default is already that high. That won't hurt the ram.
  6. I couldn't see what the default voltage was for me. It just showed it as 'Normal' whatever it was. My motherboard only increases voltage by 0.025V min at a time, all the way to 0.775V. I increased it to 0.225. Is that too much? Because I read somewhere when I googled that I should go for that much...

    When you say 1.8 volts, you mean 0.18? Kinda confused here.
  7. Also, I see people writing stuff like : I

    It requires 1.8 V with 5-5-5-18 timing at 800 Mhz. I am running Q 6600 at 3.2 with these sticks. I set the voltage at 1.8 V with 4-4-4-12 timing.

    What is the deal with those timings like 5-5-5-18 etc? How do I set those? The only option I get is to either keep the voltage at 'Normal' or set it to 'Manual' where I can increase or decrease it by 0.025V.
  8. in the biios set all the memory related to auto
    under PC Health Status check how much voltage your memory is getting
    the memory will only run at the lowest timings of the 4 sticks if youb have 2 444 12
    and 2 sticks 555 18 they will all have to be set to the slowest or let auto decide works pretty good whats the make and model number of the memory to check voltage and speed timings you could raise it to 1.9 easily
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