NVIDIA 9800 GTX+ Three/Four LCD Screens

Hi All,

First post here but I've been coming here for many years in particular for graphics benchmarking.

I'm looking for a solution to set up 3 or 4 screens using (hopefully) my current setup.
(i'll be happy if current supports 3, even happier if it will do 4)

I'm currently running a NVIDIA 9800 GTX+ 512MB card with 1x DVI output and 1x HDMI output, each currently going to 1x BenQ E2400HD, each running at Full HD reso 1920 x 1080(p)
(I use it mainly for gaming and watching meda through WMC).

So currently, 1 video card, 2 digital outputs, 2 screens.

What i'm ideally looking for is the ability to split one (for 3 screens) or both (for 4 screens) of the digital outputs so as to be able to add another (1 or 2) screen(s) to my setup.

The extra screen(s) will not be used for anything to do with 3D graphics and will be more used for web browsing, email, office, etc.

I get the idea that this might be possible because my workstation at work (IT Systems Analyst) has 1 video card with a single DVI output with a Y-Splitter attached going to 2x 17"LCD screens.
The only thing is, the DVI output port has a different pin arrangement (rather than having the horizontal/vertical cross, has a continuation of the rest of the parallel pin arrangement).

I've done a bit of reading around on various pages (here and elsewhere) and can't seem to find a clear-cut solution or response as to whether this is possible or not.

If need be, I am willing to purchase another video card of a lower grade (not for gaming) as I believe my motherboard (JW-RX780X-AM2+ SC) can take it just to be able to support an extra screen(s) for web/office applications.

Is any of the above possible?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Depending on the resolution you need a usb vga card would do great...evga makes a good one if your resolution is in the range of supported ones...they have one thats 30$ more that supports 16xx/1xxx resolutions although it isn't on newegg anymore...there are a ton of different companies that make these and at different prices so take your time looking for one...

  2. What is your budget?
  3. Budget for parts, etc (mostly for a new video card if it's required) lets say... AU$250.

    I say $250 because I know I can pick up another of the same cards as I have from a local shop for $259 and for simple web/office, that card would be overkill =P

  4. If your budget is that large, you should just get another 9800GTX+ for SLi.

    If Amazon or Newegg ships to Australia, you can buy it from there.

    If not, ask one of the sellers on Amazon if they ship internationally.

    Either way, it's probably cheaper than buying it in Australia.
  5. Further, I already have the 2 screens that I wish to hook up.
    2x BenQ FP222W - 22" Wide @ 1680x1050
    (older screens that I upgraded from)

    Assuming I pick up another graphics card (same model or different) would they have to be run in SLI mode to gain the extra 2 outputs? or can the cards run independently (for different models, particularly) and still get 2 extra outputs?

    Also, being a big fan of following some specifications to the letter, the manufacturer's website says the PCIe slots are XFire ready.
    Will this also support SLI? (you know, ATI xfire, NVIDIA SLI)
    Or is it ATI XFire specific?


  6. You don't need to run SLi mode for the GPU to run 2 additional outputs. They can run independently.

    I don't think your motherboard supports SLi since it's an AMD chipset. (not 100% sure)

    So I guess you can get a dirt cheap 2nd card, get another 9800GTX+ and run it independently, or sell your 9800GTX+ and get two ATI cards for Xfire.
  7. Ok.

    I might ask a friend if they have a spare PCIe card that I can borrow to test out the functionality.

    Thanks very much for all of that.

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