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A few questions on voltages for a unlocked phenom x2

So I unlocked my Phenom x2 555 to a Phenom x4 B55 and have few questions on what voltages I should try to get it stable. My mobo is a MSI 880gm-e41, and on auto voltage setting I can't get it to be stable as an x4. I can however get it to a 3.8 ghz x3 without messing with voltages. So my question is where should I start voltages wise to see if I can get her stable, my goal if possible is to get a x4 at 3.5ghz.

I am using a xigmatek Loki SD963 for cooling

a corsair builders series 500w psu

my graphics card is a Radeon HD 6850

and I have caviar blue 7200rpm 500gig and a lite on dvdr/cdrw also pulling power

On a side note will I have enough power available for my OC goal.

As always thanks for any help.
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  1. Hi.

    Can your provide the link of PSU? Looks like a goos one and enough for archive the OC that you want, but that also depends of your CPU stability with four cores enables.
    And of course two weeks after I buy it it goes on sale, anyways you got an idea on what voltages I need saint?
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    Excellent PSU, you have enough power to overclock your rig.

    The voltage I can't tell you, those settings depends of many factors that aren't the same for me (more with a different rig that yours). Try in little steps, until you get it BUT don't go over 1.5V and 55ºC on load.
  4. Is there a program to check the heat with the cores unlocked on an msi board? The msi core temp thing isn't compatible with my board and the asrock program doesn't work ethier, nor does does sysfan. I really don't want to be flying blind when I do this.
  5. None, with unlocked core the temps programs doesn't work.
  6. Well I don't want to fry it so then maybe I should stick to an x3 3.8ghz with stock voltages. When I looked at others trying to oc a B55 the stable voltages were all over the map, kinda of scary to do this without a real temp reading. Crysis 2 should still play alright on her, I wasn't going to get max fps anyway. I just don't know.
  7. Crysis is more GPU dependent.
  8. Fair enough I think I will just set it to a x3 then and live with what I get, cool thanks for the help man.
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