WHat is the difference btw these boards?

Except for the ud5p vs ud5 I cannot see a difference. Obviously one is waaaay cheaper. Not sure of why that is. I am looking for a new mobo for my first build and just doing some research.

Ideally looking for am3 for 720 or 955 for crossfire.

Any help?

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  1. It appears that they're the same board. In the detailed description on the Fry's website it calls the board the ud5p. Because the frys site doesn't give much information I can't be sure. If I had to guess I would say its an in store special they're having.
  2. That's what I thought too.

    Must just be a sweet deal going on right now.

    Guess I know where I am headed :)
  3. If you look on the gigabyte website you won't find anything on a UD5. The only model they have under AM3 790FX socket is the UD5P. Guess you found a good deal!
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