hey guys,

i recently bought a winfast leadtek GTX260 EXTREME+ to replace my Asus 8800GT. well all i can say is that i wish i could get my 8800gt bak from my friend who i sold it to because im getting problems (video problems). When i surf the internet or jst leave it idle its fine but when i start to play some games well depending on the games if its weak like warcraft 3 nothing happens but when i start to run something more powerful like company of heroes the video just dies after 15 - 30 mins.

The display on my screen goes all colourful (pink yellow orange green purple so on) and has these weird lines from left to right top to bottom. iv had this problem many times when i played company of heroes on these past few days and due to this my comp freezes and crashes which i have to restart.

my comp specs are
Q6600@ 3.2GHz
2GB 800 ram
Asus P5N-D
750 corsiar power supply
Antec P180 case
500GB samsung hard drive 7200rpm
500GB seagate hard drive 7200rpm
Leadtek GTX260 Ex + (use to be Asus 8800GT)
windows xp pro 32bit

im usin the lastest drives from nivida 185.85 windows xp 32bit, i would like to upload some pictures to show but iunno how =[
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  1. I hope you manually set your graphics card to atleast 60% fan speed...if not you should be waiting to smell a burnt chip...you may have already done damage to the card as it is...nice
  2. umm i dun smell anything

    my room is pretty cool 22c ambient

    iunno how to upload pictures but ill type it wt it says on techpowerup gpuz 0.3.4

    Gpu core clock - 602mhz
    Gpu memory clock - 999mhz
    Gpu temperature - 44"c
    Pcb temperature 35" c
    Gpu Temperature 35"
    fan speed 40%
    fan speed 1356 RPM
  3. Have you thought to check tempatures while gaming? maybe using the evga percision on screen application?....i don't believe its your clock as thats not even very high of a stock clock....usually its 576...most cards can do around 700mhz and above...im guessing that you are overheating your card if you are running it on auto fan speed...

    And smelling something is sarcastic...the card probably won't smell that much when you are burning it up....you ALWAYS!!!! will need to set the fan speed to around 70 or 80% while gaming...do that and game for a few hours...if no more problems occur you where overheating the card...just hope you haven't caused long term damage that might come back
  4. iv checked tempers temps at 53c wen i game

    it was on auto i changed it to 60rpm fan speed but same thing

    it was alwais 40c wen it was on auto
  5. Try to run CoH with your CPU on stock settings. If the problem goes away then it's not your videocard.
  6. but iv been usin my 3ghz cpu for a year with my 8800gt no problems and im playin and testing crysis and far cry 2 atm to see if they die out , so far they havnt died. playin all on high at 1920x1200
  7. IF you can play Crysis. CoD4 for an hour and nothing happends (no artifacts, funny colors) then it's not your videocard. You might need to patch CoH.
  8. yer okai ill check on that now..

    all my games are patched up to date. =[
  9. hey guys

    i checked and tested some games. crysis, cod5, far cry2, wc3, dmc4, lost planet, cnc 3 everything works fine only game that doesnt is company of heroes in which i play alot.

    i have some photos that i took to shows wat happens when i play coh for 5mins or more but i dunno how to upload them here.
  10. oh btw i uploaded one of the pics as my avatar i hope that helps. =[

    thats wat it looks like, all weird ass colours, lines and shapes
  11. Are you using the trainer file? You know the cheat file because I think that has something to do with the weird colors. I know this from my own experience with the trainer file and I also use the GTX 260.
  12. nop im not using any trainers, i even uninstall & reinstalled coh and same result

    this card comes factory overclocked and the oc isnt that high and my room is pretty cold so i dun think the graphics card overheated.

    its 40 at idle
    and around 50 - 55 wen load i check it every 5mins wen i tested yesterday
  13. Oh wells nvm im planning to get a refund now there they are gonna charge me 10% of $315 for re-instock fee how lame. =[ Cant be bothered to get warranty have wait 2 weeks for them to send it to leadtek.

    wells im planning to go bak to using Asus i was thinking should i get a GTX260 again or should i get GTX275 but i am going to SLI it so i need some help to see if my power supply can handle sli GTX275 along with everything else.

    If not im just gonna get SLI GTX260, well i hope Asus have the core 216 not the 192. If anyone can tell me this would be great help.

    Anyones help is much appreciated.
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