Won't boot up after mobo removal for cooling fan install

Hi guys....I just had to take out my new asus pt6 mobo to install a cpu fan (the mounting screws had to be installed through the back of the board ofcourse) and now with all back together, it won't boot, I'm guessing maybe a windows xp reintro so to speak?.............I really don't know and could use a pointer on this...........THANKS.."K"
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  1. Need more information as to won't boot,
    No video nothing or
    Video comes on or
    Trys to boot and quits
    Installing a fan would have no effect to windows
    Removing the board would cause Cmos/Bios to reset
    Recommend reset bios to proper settings, check all connections for proper hookup.
    If all these things were done pull board and breadboard system.
  2. It was my mistake................I'm running a TH2G setup for flight simming along with a fourth smaller screen for gps ........this screen is my default screen until all boots up. What I did'nt notice was that this screen was OFF after I went to boot up after the mobo removal. I finally did notice it was off, turned it on, and there was the messges from windows asking me if I wanted to boot normal/default. I guess this is what happens after you disconnect a component and re-connect. After selecting default boot, everything lit up and took off. ( I learned).......anyway this site is great, and I sincerely appreciate your kind response in trying to help me......I was at a standstill.......all is good so far, and it's good to know there are knowledgeable people out there if we need them...........THANK YOU AGAIN!
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