HELP new PSU, system is running weird

I recently switched to an 850W power supply because I will be upgrading my video card soon.
My computer turned off a couple of times because my CPU was overheating

Here is an image from CPUID:

What am I doing wrong?
Help much appreciated
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    What is the make and model of the power supply unit?

    Those CPU temperatures are definitely too high.

    What CPU cooling solution are you using, the Intel stock one that came with the CPU or a third party one?

    Is the CPU heatsink making proper contact with the CPU's heat spreader?

    Are you using a Thermal Interface Material (TIM) between the CPU heatsink and CPU?

    Have the heatsink's cooling fins and fan been cleaned of dust?
  2. Power supply is 850w corsair

    Currently Im using the stock intel heat sync and Im definitely sure its touching and locked in place

    Ive ordered some Arctic Silver 5 - I hope it works.

    besides the new PSU though, I haven't changed anything in my system
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