E6750 to e8400 ugrade or keep?

I have this configuration -
CPU : Intel E6750
GPU : Sapphire ATI Radeon 4890 1GB Vapor-X
PSU : Chieftec 600W FULL
and 4GB of Kingston HyperX ram on 800mhz

Should I buy e8400 or keep e6750? How much would e8400 affect on performance? BTW - Every component has its default clocks and I play on 22inch monitor(1680x1050). Thx in advance.
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  1. Meh.. marginal. Not more than 10% if you are going to run at stock values. Overclocking might make it interesting. Since you are limited to a single card setup.. I'd spend money on a SSD.
  2. Ditto.
    You likely won't notice the cpu change.
    You would notice an SSD though.
    You may also notice windows tweaks to speed up your system as well.
  3. I've seen E6750s clock to 3.7GHz+.

    Overclocking would get you better performance in games and such. In my opinion, no. Don't go for the E8400. You have a nice motherboard anyways, might aswell use it and OC that E6750.

    Don't forget a good aftermarket heatsink if you plan going over 3GHz
  4. I reckon you would be better off getting a 22" 1920 x 1080 monitor, or a Q9550 for more cores but only if cheap enough, then again with the arrival of i5 imminent ...
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