HP d530 needs front panel audio header connected to use rear spkr out?

I have an HP d530 desktop computer and I needed a bigger power supply. Bought a power supply, but it didn't fit HP's special PS mounting holes, so I had to throw the motherboard in an old case I had lying around. This case doesn't have front panel audio jacks (and hence no cable to connect to the headers). Apparently, that NEEDS to be connected to the motherboard in order for the on-board speaker out jack to work. It must route the sound through the front panel pins. Is there any way around this? A couple of pins that I need to jumper? I can't find any info about this anywhere... Thanks in advance.
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  1. Solved it, in case anybody else needs this information... look here:


    Basically you do need to jumper the front panel audio send and the front panel audio return pins. That link details it.
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