Windows xp cant play sound scheme

I am looking for advice on how to resolve an problem that has arisen when using my desktop pc which has an XP Professional operating system and uses Windows 2003.

For one of the 2 user accounts the event sounds, such as the start up, email arrival, device connect and other such beeps/tones, no longer sound. However the same user account can play music, use media player and listen to on line audio with no difficulty. In Control Panel under the Sounds tab “Windows default” is selected and it is possible to test (and hear) the sounds that are set under the browse option.

The event sounds work perfectly under the other user account and, as far as I can tell, the settings are identical.
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  1. Check what is listed under playback devices in Sounds in Control panel...
    ...try updating the sound driver

    Sound events are in wave format (*.wav) . Have you tried putting a wave file yourself and see if that works?
    If not, there is a little program called Desktop Architect, that has a Sound tab with all Windows sound events.
    And it's easy to use.
    From here:
    Try putting the sound events with it to see if it works.

    If the problem just started then try a system restore... :hello:
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